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Whether you are committed to changing your job or committed to making an important hire, we at Circle Square will go that extra mile.

We listen and learn and take great care to nurture long term relationships built on foundations of trust, integrity and performance.

Courageous, intrepid and bold are our markers.
We're not frightened of long hours and blood and sweat. It's a competitive market out there and by combining work ethic, knowledge and drive we are able to craft a service that we can take great pride in.

Our people are specialists in:
· Executive Search
· Accountancy & Finance
· Temporary & Interim
· M&A
· Private Equity
· Real Estate
· Capital Markets

Circle Square support our candidates through the recruitment process and will help you find the right job to suit your skills and ambition.

If you are looking for support we have a dedicated career advice section. Our advice is not just generic we have tailored guides for each of the recruitment divisions we work in including: executive search, accountancy & finance, temporary & interim, M&A, private equity, real estate & capital markets.

If you're not sure which career move would best suit your skills and experience take a look at our Job Profiles. The profiles provide advice on the qualifications, skills and experience required for each career option. The job profiles also outline salary expectation, job responsibilities and career progression.

We have also tailored advice on finance & accounting qualifications and career options with each qualification.

Qualifications - ACA Qualification ACCA Qualification CA Qualification CIMA Qualification CPA Qualification

Career Options - ACA Careers CIMA Careers ACCA Careers CA Careers CPA Careers