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LessonWomanWe are Corporate Finance enthusiasts and with this sector being a well established arm of ours, our knowledge is second to none. We work with THE BEST candidates in the market. Circle Square Consultants are unashamedly networked throughout the world of Corporate Finance, Investment Banks and Boutique Advisory Firms bringing to you the best talent in:

  • M&A 
  • ECM 
  • Broking    
  • Private and Fund Placement
  • Debt Restructuring and Advisory
  • Leveraged and Acquisition Finance

We provide the Corporate Finance candidates you want, when you want them, at a rate we agree in advance.

If you are looking for work we have a good pipeline of mandates ready for you.

Working with Circle Square means you'll be dealing with experienced, specialist Corporate Finance recruitment consultants who know your market inside out and who have a passion for quality and promise an exceptional recruitment service. 

We partner with you to source the best people for all your corporate finance and corporate development needs. To help with any strategic growth, either through acquisition 
or organic growth, therefore if you require candidates with a background in Industry, Banking or PE, we can provide you with the candidates for the following opportunities:
Corporate Finance, Business Development, Internal M&A, Corporate Development, Strategy and Operations.

We source exceptional M&A talent 

There are three things that make us stand out from the competition when it comes to unearthing the very best corporate Finance talent to fill our clients jobs.

Owner Managed Recruitment Company

We're an owner managed recruitment company, so a large proportion of our turnover is reinvested into the business. We can direct funds as appropriate and generate a pool of relevant
corporate finance candidates for each assignment we work on.

Specialist Boutique Recruitment Consultancy

As a specialist boutique recruitment consultancy with a dedicated team of corporate finance professionals, we can be extremely targeted in our marketing and candidate generation activities.
Focusing all of our resources into one area ensures we have a much greater impact than larger, less agile competitors.

Experienced Corporate Finance Recruitment Consultants

Finally (and most importantly), our philosophy of hiring experienced corporate finance consultants means that we have exceptional personal networks that have been developed over - in many
cases - more  than a decade. We can say with confidence that when it comes to connecting our clients with the best corporate finance candidates to fill their jobs, whether in the UK or overseas, our network is very extensive.
If you're not sure which career move would best suit your skills and experience take a look at our Job Profiles. The profiles provide advice on the qualifications, skills and experience
required for each career option. The job profiles also outline salary expectation, job responsibilities and career progression: 
If you are looking for advice we have a dedicated career advice section. Our advice is not just generic recruitment advice we have tailored advice for each of the recruitment divisions
we work in including: 

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